Today, "sustainability" is an essential feature: it is essential that the products used in each activity have a low environmental impact in each phase of its life cycle, from production, to use, to disposal.

How does laei commit itself to the environment?


- the stainless steel we use in our jewels is able to resist corrosion for a long time, this leads to a low rate of material to be demolished and / or disposed of
- for the entire duration of its life cycle (practically eternal) it does not emit any pollutant or harmful to humans , resulting absolutely hygienic.
-is completely recyclable: it can be reused up to 90% in other sectors. It can be reused several times in different applications, this leads to low disposal costs and, above all, there are no problems due to the accumulation of large quantities of material in landfills.
According to the data collected by ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum) , each stainless steel object contains 60% recycled material.

The important thing is that the steel is disposed of in the correct way : when you throw away your jewels, do not throw them away in the undifferentiated, throw them in the
in the same bag in which you give metals and aluminum. Once they arrive at the landfill, the metals will be divided among themselves through the use of magnets and will return to have a new life: the environment will be grateful to you!


All our packaging are plastic free!

- Less space = Less pollution . We have replaced the box from our jewels with a less bulky and more comfortable sachet: why fill yourself with cardboard boxes when not everyone has the space to keep them and inevitably ends up throwing them away?
You You can keep your jewels inside the special bag without throwing anything away, but not only that, by reducing the size of the package to be sent, the courier will be able to carry more packages in the same journey: again less Co2 in the air!


We use our trusted courier who promises the lower consumption of CO2 emissions.