The first Italian jewelry brand Safe for your health and Cool for your style.
Hypoallergenic and stress-free.
The line in 316L stainless steel is designed for everyday adventures:
do not oxidize and do not change color, you can wet them, take them to the beach, in the pool, wear them while you sleep or while doing sports. The line in 925 silver was created for your most precious moments, to celebrate important dates.

Maybe it will have happened to you too find jewels that you liked a lot but after a few uses they turned black or stained your fingers with green!

One of the materials with which we make our jewels is 316L stainless steel which does not discolour, does not blacken, is hypoallergenic, does not leave annoying marks and can get wet. This steel is also used for the production of surgical instruments, therefore very safe for health.
The stainless steel of our jewels is to be considered hypoallergenic for the low release of nickel on the skin , just as required by European regulations to consider a NICKEL FREE product.
You can soak our steel jewels in water , under the shower , in swimming pool or at sea , they will always remain perfect .
You have jewelry that turns black leaving a green halo on the skin?

It is due to the presence of copper in the jewel that oxidizes in contact with sweat, water or air.
The stainless steel of our jewels, such as by magic, will not oxidize and will not change color due to the high Chromium content inside which creates a natural barrier that prevents oxygen from attacking the material, forming rust .
You are in aqua aerobics but suddenly you remember not being removed the earrings? Do you forget to take off the bracelets in the evening while sleeping on them? Are you washing your hands with soap and you forget you have the rings on your finger?
No problem with laei jewels, they won't get damaged. You can play sports, sleep in it, do the house cleaning or a nice shower!

The material we use for our luxury jewels is Silver 925 , where this last number indicates the pure quantity of the metal in thousandths, this means that out of 1000 parts of precious metal, 925 are the parts of pure silver bound to another metal, copper. This is to give our jewels greater resistance over time , protecting them from deterioration for a long time.
The 925 Silver of our jewels is to be considered hypoallergenic due to the low release of nickel on the skin , just as required by European regulations to consider a NICKEL FREE product .
Pure water itself does not damage silver 925 , but l and chemicals that may be present in water can make silver dull and lose its natural luster. You can use it in the shower but you will need to dry it well and prevent contact with chemicals irritants.
As with all precious products, care and precautions are needed, exposure to air can gradually oxidize your silver jewel Do not leave your silver jewels on the bedside table or in a simple open jewelry box, always remember to store them in their case away from other jewels.
- in the pool because chlorine is a rather aggressive chemical
- during house cleaning , especially if using cleaning products
- during sport , sweat may accelerate its oxidation
- in the sea , the salt could ruin it
- do not let it come into contact with chemicals such as lotions and perfumes that can cause your jewelry to oxidize; apply them first, let them dry and then wear your jewelry.

No panic, fortunately the care of silver is simple . You can keep the jewel always bright by rubbing it with a white cloth, cleaning it with a soft bristle toothbrush and a solution of warm water and neutral soap, then rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft dry cloth. We remind you that over time the rosé or gold finishes can fade: this process is to be considered a natural process caused by the normal use of jewels, not a defect.