Amaze those you love!
Do you want to give a gift to a distant person?

You choose the gift, write your wishes, to all Laei takes care of the rest.

It's a different Christmas that unfortunately will keep us away.

Being physically distant does not mean being physically distant with your heart and mind and receiving a surprise can warm your heart and shorten distances.

Laei can bring you closer to the people you will not be able to meet for Christmas, offering you a unique service: buy gifts for those you love and we will deliver them for you, inserting a note written by you in the package.

How to do it?
At checkout you will find a box "Write here your greeting message if you are sending your package to someone else" , right there you can write what to insert in your ticket best wishes, Laei will transcribe it by hand and deliver it directly to the lucky one in 24 / 48h!

We remind you that shipping costs € 3.90 and is free for orders over € 49.